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Congratulations to our KGH Program Manager Ms. Simbirie Jalloh who recently received the 2019 African Achievers Award for excellence in humanitarian service. She has worked for the Lassa fever project at Kenema Government Hospital since 2008 and was honored for her contributions towards disease prevention and control in Sierra Leone.

Ms. Jalloh received the award from Deputy Minister of Information, Hon. Solomon Jamiru, and dedicated it to the hard-working staff at Kenema Government Hospital and to the late Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan. She then thanked the Government of Sierra Leone, WHO, CDC, Tulane University, Harvard University, the Broad Institute, and Scripps Research for their support.

In her speech to the distinguished audience, Ms. Jalloh emphasized that outbreak response and control is dependent on well-equipped health facilities, knowledgeable staff, medical supplies, and financial resources.

“For over 10 years, Ms. Jalloh has worked passionately at KGH coordinating viral hemorrhagic fever research and outreach efforts,” said Dr. Kristian Andersen. “Her passion and commitment to helping the community manage these devastating diseases is self-evident, and we’re very proud of Simbirie’s achievements on winning this award, as well as all the hard work her and her team are doing on a daily basis at KGH.”