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VHFC researcher and Lab Scientist at Kenema Government Hospital, Mambu Momoh, recently spoke at the 2019 joint UNICEF-UNFPA-WHO meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mr. Momoh, who is also a Medical Laboratory Associate Instructor at Eastern Polytechnic College in Kenema, was one of the most critical front-line responders to the Ebola epidemic that ravaged West Africa from 2013 to 2016. Together with Laboratory Director Mr. Goba and other colleagues at Kenema Government Hospital, Mr. Momoh performed the first diagnosis of Ebola in Sierra Leone in May, 2014, and continued to perform critical patient diagnoses throughout the epidemic.

Due to several confounding circumstances, towards the end of 2014, he abruptly found himself a patient in the Ebola ward at the very hospital he was working. In in his talk “Surviving Ebola: One Man, Three Experiences” at the UNICEF-UNFPA-WHO meeting, he outlining his work as a responder, scientist, and patient. Mr. Momoh remains a tremendous asset and he continues his VHFC work and scientific research on Ebola, Lassa, and other emerging infectious diseases with his colleagues at Kenema Government Hospital and other researchers across the world.