John Demby Sandi

Laboratory Scientist, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Laboratory

John Demby Sandi is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Biological Science from Nuala University, Sierra Leone, and with a Distinction Certificate in Viral Molecular Biology from College of Medicine and Allied Health Science (COMAHS). He also has a Master of Science in Infection Biology (Virology) from the University of Glasgow, UK.

Previously, Mr. Sandi worked in the Molecular Unit at the Central Public Health Reference Laboratory in Lakka, Sierra Leone. He currently works with the Tulane University Viral hemorrhagic Fever Laboratory in Kenema, Sierra Leone as a Laboratory Scientist. He is efficient in performing diagnostic procedures in the laboratory ranging from RDT and ELISA to qPCR and even conventional PCR. He also has experience in working with Genexpert, a multi PCR diagnostic instrument which targets the NP and GP. Mr. Sandi is interested in understanding viral genomics specifically in relation to VHFs.