Simbirie Jalloh

Program Coordinator, Lassa Fever Program, Kenema Government Hospital

Simbirie Jalloh joined the Lassa fever Program as Program Coordinator in 2008. Prior to taking on her current position she worked at the Ministry of Health in Freetown as the Secretary to the Director. She is responsible for handling the finances of the Program, as well as ensuring that the laboratory and Lassa ward are equipped with necessary materials. She manages the day-to-day activities of 35 staff members. In addition she liaises with Public Health Units across the country in order to coordinate the pick up of blood samples from suspected Lassa cases.

Ms. Jalloh is passionate about the research being conducted by the Consortium in Kenema, and hopes to see more partners join the fight against this killer disease. She also hopes that new funding opportunities will arise to help expand the research and infrastructure improvements currently being undertaken.