Donald S. Grant, MD, MPH

Chief Physician, Lassa Ward, Kenema Government Hospital


Dr. Donald S. Grant is the Chief Physician of the Lassa ward at the Kenema Government Hospital, a position he took over in October 2010. Trained in Freetown, Sierra Leone Dr. Grant is currently also a lecturer in the Community Health Department of the College of Medicine at the University of Sierra Leone. His clinical and research interests revolve around infectious diseases.

He is actively involved in the community outreach projects that aim to create understanding among the public of how to prevent the transmission and infection of the virus that causes Lassa Fever, as well as tackle misconceptions among the community regarding receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Along with his work in the Lassa ward, Dr. Grant is one of four doctors at the hospital who provide services ranging from primary care to surgical procedures. His work involves balancing both the clinical and administrative sides of medicine.