Emerging Diseases or Emerging Diagnoses?

Harvard Research Scientist Stephen Gire created this video describing the Sabeti Lab work on "Emerging" diseases for the NIH Common Fund video competition.

Can Math Beat Disease?

National Geographic Emerging Explorer and VHFC researcher Pardis Sabeti is on a mission to combat infectious disease. Her weapon of choice? Complex algorithms.

Cell Video Abstract

Erica Saphire and colleagues describe the remarkable plasticity demonstrated by the Ebola virus protein VP40, which undergoes at least three distinct structural conformations to carry out different functions in the life cycle of the virus.

DIY SCIENCE: Hunting for valuable data in rural Africa

VHFC researchers Ridhi Tariyal and Stephen Gire describe their efforts to collect data in rural Sierra Leone.

Pardis Sabeti at PopTech

Dr. Pardis Sabeti describes her efforts to understand the mechanisms behind evolutionary adaptation in humans and pathogens. The talk was presented at the annual PopTech conference in Camden, ME.

Interviews at Kenema Government Hospital

Dr. Donald S. Grant, Richard Fonnie and James Bangura, talk about their work in the Lassa Fever Program at the Kenema Government Hospital, and about the impact the disease has on communities in Sierra Leone.

Tour of the Lassa Fever Program facilities at Kenema Government Hospital

Richard Fonnie gives a tour of the facilities at Kenema Government Hospital.

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