VHFC Investigators present promising data on Lassa fever diagnostics

At the 61st annual meeting of The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) researchers from VHFC and Corgenix reported on their findings using ELISA-based diagnostic tests at Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone. Lead researcher Matt Boisen and VHFC Director Robert F. Garry said that their research "provides the first detailed examination of Lassa fever epidemiology in post-conflict Sierra Leone. Through the work of the VHFC, we also find that the availability of good diagnostics and clinical treatment can transform hospitals into sentinel sites, generating samples that can illuminate the spectrum of infectious diseases that continue to claim millions of lives each year across Africa,".

With this work, the researchers hope that diagnostics tests for Lassa and other viral hemorrhagic fevers will be commercially available in the near future.

News report:

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